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House Charlotte FAQs

House Charlotte FAQs – home buyer questions answered

The House Charlotte program is a down payment assistance program for home buyers who want to purchase a home, but don’t have enough funds available to pay for a down payment or closing costs. The Realtors® at Cornerstone Realty have extensive experience helping home buyers with the House Charlotte program. Below is a list of House Charlotte FAQs. If you have a question that has not been answered below, contact us today at (704) 837-4672 , or use our online contact form to submit your question or email us .

How much assistance can I expect to receive from the House Charlotte program?

Depending on your income and the Charlotte eligible neighborhood where you would like to purchase a home, you can qualify for up to $10,000 in assistance.

Do I have to repay the down payment funds I received from the House Charlotte program?

The funds from the House Charlotte program are deferred and forgivable after 10 years. In other words, if you purchase a home using the House Charlotte Program and own that home for at least 10 years, I won’t have to repay any of the funds you received from the program. However, if you decide to sell the home prior to owning it for 10 years, the loan is forgivable at a rate of 20% per year, starting on year 6 of you owning the home. No payment is due in any given year unless you sell your home, transfer it, change the ownership structure or occupancy status or refinance your home home.

How can I find out if a home is located in an eligible House Charlotte neighborhood?

You may check the NSA name and eligible neighborhoods or refer to our House Charlotte program interactive neighborhood map on our site.

How can I use the House Charlotte funds?

The funds from the House Charlotte program can be used to pay for the down payment, closing costs and to buy points to lower your interest rate. The funds may also be used to pay for outstanding medical bills and to cover the cost of credit repairs.

How do I find out if my income qualifies for the House Charlotte down payment assistance program?

The best way to find out if you qualify for the House Charlotte program, based on income and other factors, is to call us today at (704) 837-4672  so we can help you determine if you qualify based on income, credit score, where you want to purchase a home and other important factors. However, you can also visit our House Charlotte income guideline page to view eligible income limits. To qualify for the House Charlotte program based on income, your gross household income should fall within the allowable median income limits for the area based on your household family size.


our iThe House Charlotte program is based on total household income and family size. Check the House Charlotte program income guideline to see if your gross household income qualifies for the funds

How do I apply for the House Charlotte program?

An application needs be submitted to a House Charlotte approved lender. Not all lenders are familiar with the House Charlotte program. We work with reputable lenders who have extensive experience with the House Charlotte program and can assist you. Call us today at (704) 837-4672  so we can put you in touch with a great lender in the Charlotte area.

Is an inspection required when purchasing a House Charlotte eligible home?

Yes. A code inspection is required, at no charge to the borrower. However, this is a code inspection, not a complete home inspection. It is highly recommended that you get a full home inspection from a reputable licensed Inspector. For new construction homes less than 6 months old, a Certificate of Occupancy is required.

Are there classes I need to take that are required by the House Charlotte program?

Yes. The home buyer education classes vary in length, depending on which agency you have chosen to take the class with, but usually it should complete 8 hours of class time. The classes are offered on Saturdays and weeknights to try to accommodate your schedule. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a homebuyer education certificate that is good for one year

Is everyone listed on the mortgage required to take the class?


Should I contact somebody at the House Charlotte?

No. Your loan officer or real estate agent will be in contact with the representatives of House Charlotte, on your behalf. In an effort to expedite the House Charlotte file processing, we encourage buyers to direct any questions or requests for status updates to their loan officer.

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